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oil massage:
Dabur Vatika There are many advantages to massaging your hair with regular hair oil such as coconut oil and other essential oils. The reason for the strong and positive assessment of oil massage is that it gives deep nutrition to the hair, naturally regulates the hair and helps protect it from external damage. In addition, it increases the blood flow in the head, resulting in a better supply of essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins for hair growth.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water
To prevent hair damage, do not wash with hot water. Instead, please use warm water to do the work. Hot water opens the hair follicle, allowing shampoo and conditioner to penetrate effectively and work. Then you can contain the moisture of the conditioner by pouring cold water. With this, your hair is healthy and shiny. Therefore, after washing the hair with warm water, rinse with cold water to keep the hair healthy strong. If you wash your hair with cold water it is not yours, you can put the cup of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of warm water and finally use this mixture to rinse your hair . It not only adjusts the scalp but also prevents dandruff and scalp infections.

Hydrate and drink plenty of water
Lack of water, dehydration and depilation have deep connection. The axis of each hair is made of one quarter of water. If you do not supply enough water to your body, your hair gets brighter and eventually falls. The dehydrated scalp is dull, brittle and may hurt the hair. About 2 liters of water per day not only helps the body but also gives power to the hair. Water stimulates the regrowth of intense hair without problems and stops the problems of frequent depilation, depilation and hair loss.

Please avoid tying your hair and wrapping it in a shower
Hair tied with a tight ponytail or hair style may break down and fall, leading to alopecia. French rolls, ponytails, knots give you a good cast but you can apply strong pressure to the roots, leading to excessive hair breakage, loss and loss of hair. When you tie your hair, they will strongly attract you in one direction, causing potential damage such as hair loss and hair loss. Please make sure your hair is smooth and avoid elasticity. Use cloth strip instead.

If you tie wet hair with a towel, your hair may fall or fall. If wet hair is most vulnerable and pressure is applied on it, there is a possibility that they jump and fall off the root. Instead of binding with a wet towel, dry naturally to prevent damage.
Low price
Stress plays a big part in many things that can make your hair fall. Stress leads to the weakening of the hair follicle, and even slight tension force may break or fall. Stress can cause three types of alopecia, alopecia areata, telogenic alopecia and alopecia. In order to avoid this situation, improve your mood by doing something you like, eating a nutritious meal, relaxing with light exercise such as yoga and meditation.
Home relief for hair care
Believe individuals to treat home cures and follow them, you can have healthy hair. Home remedies contain natural ingredients with hair-friendly properties that help to increase hair growth naturally. A good example of a home made for hair care is coconut milk. Coconut milk can be used to promote hair growth and to naturally trim hair. In addition, coconut milk helps to improve the texture of your hair. To use it correctly, take fresh coconut milk and massage gently on the scalp. Finally, wash your hair with cold water to see the magic of coconut oil.

Better nutrition for better hair care:
Better nutrition for better hair care
Everything you eat will eventually be reflected in its beauty and hair. The right key for healthy and durable hair is the correct meal. Please add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Includes vitamins, nutrients, fiber rich rice and cereals. Coconut and cashew are good examples of increase in hair growth. Liquid is also necessary to hydrate body fluids. A sufficient amount of water is necessary to keep the body hydrated. Water keeps your hair moist and soft.

A list of foods to include for your eating habits for strong and healthy hair is here:

Sunflower seeds
Yellow pepper
Home relief for long hair:
Egg Mask
Banana hair mask
Avocado and egg mask
Yogurt, honey, hair mask with olive oil
Lemon and olive oil hair mask
Yogurt and cider mask
Strawberry Hair Mask
Coconut oil and olive oil
Mayonnaise Hair Mask
Aloe Vera’s Hair Mask
Hair must be pampered and for that you must be regular. Application of natural hair mask helps to restore hair naturally and to heal wounds. There are many natural hair masks that can be made at home. Here are some things that you can easily prepare:

Egg mask:
Egg Mask
The easiest thing is, the mask of hair is an egg mask. Gives this hair natural shine and cleanses the scalp of infectious diseases. To prepare a mask with egg hair:


1 egg yolk
2 ~ 3 drops of lavender oil
1 teaspoon of grape seed oil

Fat easily egg yolk
Please add a few drops of 4 tablespoons of lavender oil and grape seed oil
The mask is ready to be used with hair and scalp
Let him stay for 30 minutes
Please wash your head with a mild shampoo like Dabur Almond Shampoo or other trustworthy hair using normal water.
Repeat the desired result at least once a week

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