Home remedies for long hair tips and how to grow long hair

Unfortunately, only a few women are spending time on a busy schedule of natural hair care. Calm movements are related to fast movements and shortcuts of expensive chemical hair care products. But the fact that all women are looking for beautiful long hair and health remains unchanged.

Yes, the world is getting faster, but women have to accept it. For a long time strong hair does not grow overnight. To harvest your healthy long hair fruit, remember to follow the natural way and remedy. Below is a list of precautions that must be adhered to in order to prevent hair damage.

Long hair spike:
Wash the hair moderately
Use of sulfate-free shampoo
Hair condition
Avoid blow drying
Please do not wet comb
Avoid hair color
Organize on a regular basis
oil massage
Avoid washing your hair with hot water
Hydrate and drink plenty of water
Please avoid tying your hair and wrapping it in a shower
Low price
Home relief for hair care
Better nutrition for better hair care
Wash the hair moderately:
Wash the hair moderately
Yes, hair cleaning is necessary only if you really need it. This statement means that washing your hair frequently every day or weekly is not a healthy habit but is dry and brittle. Whenever you wash your hair, the scalp feels the need to make sebum. Therefore, when the hair is washed regularly, the scalp produces a lot of sebum and increases fat. As a result, I think washing will be done more frequently. Therefore, in order to avoid such harmful cycles, please wash your hair only 2-3 times a week if necessary.

Use of sulfate-free shampoo:
Sulfate is a popular detergent ingredient that causes foam formation compared to other neutral detergents. The use of a shampoo containing sulfate leads to drying of the hair epidermis, making it easy to break and damage the hair. Therefore, we recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo containing other soft and hair-friendly other mild cleanser. Vatica Brave & Beauty Shampoo can be used as a light shampoo with natural extract, herbs and shampoo fully mixed without sulphate.

Hair condition:
Conditioning your hair is very important as washing your hair is a necessary exercise. Conditioning your hair with a good conditioner will cut your moisture and supple your hair soft and supple. Always pay attention while applying the conditioner to hair, apply only to the tip or point of the hair, avoid contact with the scalp.

Avoid blow dry:
Quickly dry the hair using a hair dryer and dry to remove the moisture and natural oil of the hair. Hair dryers and other professional equipment bring long thermal environment to hair that is not very good for hair. Also, the hair is fragile and sensitive, and it is susceptible to damage after several blow dryings.

Do not wet comb:
In principle, the woman combs wet hair in a hurry. It is a very bad habit from a hair standpoint. The reason is that if someone combines wet hair, the hydrogen bonding of the hair breaks. This makes your hair weak and fragile, often leading to hair loss. Please do not comb the hair in a moist state or let the hair dry naturally.

Avoid hair color
Well, everyone likes to do one or other style with my hair. But all these exercises are not healthy for your hair. In fact, it deals much damage to the hair. All types of hair color contain ammonia or peroxide, change the pH of the hair and change the color. Ammonia or hair color peroxide causes degradation of the protein on the hair shaft, making them fragile and weak. Hair coloration leads to hair loss problems. So avoid the hair color and try looking for natural hair color options.
Organize on a regular basis
Well, the general logic of humans is against the tip of this hair, but ironically, it is true that the growth of hair grows regularly as a result of honing the hair. I recommend you to cut your hair after 3 months to remove hair and hair. In short, if you do not cut at regular intervals to grow long hair, it will eventually dry and damage your hair.

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